Why is my Pet Itchy?

We’re dedicating the tail end of summer to Itchy Pet Awareness to make sure your pet gets the itch relief they need.

Itch is an urgent medical condition that requires a proper diagnosis and treatment. Don’t let itch get in the way of the fun your pet has with you and your family.

Pets can start itching due to outdoor (e.g. pollens, plants) and indoor (e.g. dust mites, molds, allergens) as well as parasites like fleas or mites, foods that are part of their main diet or treats, or even chemicals in carpets, shampoos, detergents, or on lawns.

Scratching is the most obvious sign of itch, but biting, chewing, rubbing, frequent licking, recurrent ear problems, hair loss, body odor and skin changes can be clues, too.

Common over-the-counter medications don’t treat the true cause of itch and can prolong your pet’s suffering.

Seeking advice from a veterinarian is important to determine if itch is caused by an infection, parasites, or allergy and what treatment can best help your pet.

If your pet is showing signs of itch, request an appointment to find out the cause.