Passion and Expertise in Our Veterinarians

Drs. Jennifer Bucher and Michelle Henthorne Bring True Passion and Vast Expertise to Dripping Springs’ Pet Owners

There are new faces at Springs Veterinary Care as they welcome two associate veterinarians. Dr. Jennifer Bucher and Dr. Michelle Henthorne have combined experience of nearly 40 years, and bring finely honed skills in skin and heart issues, hormone related diseases, surgery and FAS (Fear, Anxiety, Stress).

Dr. Jennifer Bucher

Dr. Jennifer Bucher is dedicated to quality veterinary medicine with professional interests in dermatology, endocrinology and cardiology. She graduated from Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. She has worked many years in private practice and also with Banfield Hospital when she moved to Austin 2 years ago.

Her family includes four children, Ollie (an Aussie Staffordshire terrier cross), Betta fish SpongeBob, and dwarf bunny Milo. Outside of the office, she can be seen working out a local fitness center, spending time with her children, who are all at various local schools, and watching them perform and compete in a variety of activities. At SVC she hopes to build and establish relationships with each of her patients and those who love them. That truly fits in to the practice mission to provide exceptional pet care and compassion!

Dr. Michelle Henthorne

Dr. Michelle Henthorne is a 2000 graduate of Texas A&M University, School of Veterinary Medicine. She holds her undergraduate degree in biomedical science, graduate degree in clinical pathology, and doctor of veterinary medicine. When she’s not caring for her patients, she is busy with her family. Dr. Henthorne has two amazing kids who attend Dripping Springs schools and a loving husband. She also enjoys working out, being at the lake, and spending time with her own four-legged family members.

The Houston native has practiced medicine all across the country, from California to Florida. She is passionate about FAS (Fear, Anxiety, and Stress) and finding treatments to minimize pet stress. Kristen Levine, a nationally-known pet parenting expert and founder of the Pet Anxiety Awareness campaign (PAAW) says veterinarians estimate that 50 percent of dogs and cats suffer from FAS. Her other special interests include dermatology (because skin cases are difficult but rewarding), dentistry, soft tissue surgery, and internal medicine (she says these cases are usually weird, but fun).

As the country continues to fight the COVID pandemic and the hardships it has brought, these new SVC vets have found some positive outcomes. “We started walking our dog Ollie so frequently and for such great distances at the beginning of quarantine that he was actually limping,” says Dr. Bucher. He also got so used to the ridiculous amount of exercise that they created a beast. Every time they venture anywhere near the garage door, he would get super excitable and expect a walk!

Dr. Henthorne states she finds joy in continuing to be able to provide high quality medicine to her patients while also missing family and friends. “I’m proud of our team and how they have adapted hospital protocols to better protect our patients and their owners,” Dr. Henthorne says. “Our number one goal remains giving the highest level of patient care. During this pandemic, people are spending more time with their pets and therefore, noticing signs of illness sooner. This allows our team to improve patients’ quality of life and correct conditions before they become irreversible.” The best parts of COVID-19 are the new puppies and kittens, she says. These patients keep us smiling even on the toughest days!