The key to pets living a long and healthy life is regular wellness exams and health screenings. Springs Veterinary Care simplifies your dog or cat’s wellness and preventive care by putting together a plan for your pet based on his or her age, lifestyle, weight, and health considerations. We use these to determine the best course of action to help your pet achieve a higher state of wellness, and we even offer same-day wellness care appointments. Springs Veterinary Care also puts your pet on a course of prevention for parasites and disease.


We recommend pets visit a veterinarian as early as six weeks old. During this visit, we'll ensure your pet is healthy from nose to tail by:

  • Conducting a physical exam, where we look for unusual changes in your pet.
  • Testing your pet’s blood and fecal matter, where we’ll look for signs of illness, parasites, and internal diseases.
  • Checking for (and providing deworming treatments if needed).
  • Prescribing parasite preventatives for your pet for fleas, ticks, and heartworm.
  • Studying your pet’s behavior, activity levels, diet, and adjusting recommendations as needed.
  • Advising on the proper diet for optimal growth and development.
  • Customizing a vaccine schedule to increase disease immunity.
  • Providing support on behavior, housebreaking, socialization, and more.


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Helping pets hit their stride

Each pet is unique. Aside from diet and exercise as basic care for pets, we also provide pet health care support with:

  • VACCINES  |  Vaccines help your pet by bolstering its immune system. By stimulating the immune system with antigens, your pet’s body produces antibodies to recognize (and sometimes eliminate) various diseases. While there are many types of vaccines out there, our hospital will create a customized schedule for your pet. Springs Veterinary Care also offers vaccines specific to threats in the Dripping Springs area like leptospirosis and rattlesnake vaccines.
  • DENTISTRY  |  You might not realize it, but dental care is a critical part of a well-rounded health plan for your pet. Our hospital recommends prophylactic dental cleanings at least once per year. As part of our customized approach to dental care, we’ll conduct regular checkups and teeth cleaning for your pet, which can prevent infections, plaque buildup, lost teeth, and other health issues that begin in the mouth. Since signs of dental disease can start as early as age 2, we recommend a preventive dental approach.
  • PREVENTIVE EXAMS  |  Regular exams help our veterinarians determine and monitor changes in your pet’s health. Pets age far too quickly, at a much faster rate than we do. Consequently, important changes can occur in a small period of time. Our team recommends bi-annual check ups. Twice per year wellness visits give us the opportunity to identify and manage problems early on.
  • HEALTH SCREENINGS  |  Regular blood tests, urinalyses, or fecal examinations are important tools to evaluate whether your pet has contracted diseases or parasites. Health screenings, performed regularly, give our veterinarians a baseline of your pet’s normal functions and the ability to track changes over time.
  • FLEA AND HEARTWORM PREVENTION  |  Protect your pets from parasites inside and out! Flea and heartworm prevention stop parasites before they cause problems for your pet, from flea allergies to potentially fatal heartworms.