Veterinary Pharmacy

In-House Pharmacy & Store at Springs VetSprings Veterinary Care was designed with our patient’s convenience in mind! We provide our clients with two pharmacy options: an in-house veterinary pharmacy or an online veterinary pharmacy option to meet your pet’s medication requirements while fitting your lifestyle. We are the one-stop-shop for all your pet’s medical needs in Dripping Springs!

In-House Pharmacy & Store

Pick up your pet’s food and prescriptions directly from Springs Veterinary Care at our in-house pharmacy! Swing by to grab your pet’s medications on your lunch break, or at any time during our regular business hours.

Springs Veterinary Care Online Pharmacy

Online Pharmacy

Have your pet’s food or reoccurring medications delivered straight to your front door free of charge! Our online pharmacy stocks medications as well as pet foods, dental aids, and treats. You can even take the guesswork out of recurring preventive medications like flea control and heartworm prevention by ensuring your pet’s medications are shipped directly to your home at the same time every month. Shop Now!

Have your pet’s medications managed by Springs Veterinary Care. Call 512.829.6140.