Did you know Hays County reported twenty confirmed cases of rabies in 2016?

Rabies has a 99% fatality rate in pets. Luckily, regular rabies vaccinations make rabies 100% preventable. World Rabies Day is September 28th, and Springs Veterinary Care is ready to lead the charge with the facts and figures you need to protect your pets from rabies!

5 Benefits to Keeping Your Pet’s Rabies Vaccines Current

  1. You’re protecting your pet’s life. An unvaccinated pet is vulnerable to rabies. Something else to consider is that an unvaccinated pet who bites is in trouble. The unvaccinated pet will be quarantined and may be euthanized to be tested for rabies. We can all agree, losing your pet would be a tragic end when a rabies vaccination provided an easy solution. Keep your pets protected with rabies vaccines.
  2. You’re complying with the law. Proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination is required in most states as a matter of public health. Complying with city or county regulations requiring rabies vaccines helps you avoid fines if your pet is ever lost and brought into the city animal shelter.
  3. You’re keeping other pets and people in your area safe. It’s easy to think of the ways a rabies vaccine for our own pet benefits our own family, but let’s think of the bigger picture. By ensuring your pets are not at risk for contracting rabies, pets, children, and adults who live near you are a little safer – all because you took the initiative to be a responsible pet owner. It’s okay to feel good about that!
  4. You’re saving yourself legal & financial stress. We already touched on your legal obligation to maintain your pets’ rabies vaccines; if you choose to let your pets’ vaccines expire, it could mean fines for you. If your pets escape your yard and are picked up by Animal Control, you could be fined for expired rabies tags. You could also be found liable if your unvaccinated pet contracts rabies and infects others.
  5. Rabies kills. Rabies is deadly for pets. Keeping your pets vaccinated on the recommended schedule prevents rabies and relieves you of any anxiety over rabies! Even after your pet is vaccinated, practice rabies prevention such as avoiding wild animals, stray animals, or animal corpses.

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