Love My Pet plans vs. pet insurance


When your pet gets sick or injured, you want to be able to give them the best veterinary care. But it’s no secret that even routine veterinary visits can cost a pretty penny, and emergency care can cost even more.

Luckily, there are ways to offset those costs, including a Love My Pet plan and pet insurance. Here’s the difference between the two – and why it may behoove you to have both!

1. Love My Pet plans from Springs Veterinary Care
With a Love My Pet plan, you can budget your pet’s routine vet costs, such as annual exams and vaccines. You pay a set monthly fee, and your expected annual veterinary needs are covered, including annual wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite screenings, and heartworm tests. Some plans even include heartworm and parasite prevention, nail trims, and dental procedures.

The great thing about Love My Pet plans is that they are totally adjustable to what your pets need, whether they are babies, adults, or seniors. The monthly fee varies depending on the plan you choose. Plus, you get a discount on services outside the plan (excluding food).

2. Pet insurance
Pet insurance is another great way to keep a handle on your pet’s vet costs. You pay for your policy each month – typically between $3 and $50 per month. As with human insurance, you must meet a deductible before you can be reimbursed.

So, again, you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay each month, and how much your deductible is each year, allowing you to accurately budget for unexpected vet costs.

Pet insurance is not quite the same as human insurance, though. You don’t simply pay a copay and go about your way; instead, you pay for your pet’s medical bill upfront, then submit the receipt to your pet insurance company for reimbursement. And most pet insurance policies have a limit for how much you can claim each year, and for what types of procedures or visits (some costs for pre-existing conditions, for instance, may not be covered).

Since you’re on the hook for the bill upfront, it’s wise to keep a small savings or a credit card available for vet costs, and replenish the fund or pay the credit card bill once you’re reimbursed.

Which should you get?
The answer may be: both! The Love My Pet plan is the best option for routine visits that all pets need. The plan allows you to budget with precision and never be caught by surprise when you bring your pet in for routine care.

Pet insurance is better for the “just in case” stuff, such as emergencies. You hope you’ll never need it, but if your pet does have an emergency, you’ll be glad to have it. Adding extra peace of mind with pet insurance is extremely valuable. You don’t want to opt out of the best care for your pet simply because it’s too expensive. However, you have other options for those costs, including a credit card or savings, CareCredit, or Scratchpay.

Talk with one of our team members about Love My Pet plans and other options for covering your pet’s vet costs!